Katie and Cloth Diapers

To the tired Momma

You would have to know my journey with my little boy to understand just how TIRED I have been this last year and half. I found myself becoming very negative at life, and a complainer! I sat in his room one day, and it hit me, I have so much to thank him for! So I wrote it down. Hopefully, this will bring a smile to another mom who has a little, non-sleeper too :)

To my child who never seems to need sleep.

Thank you for teaching me to be a kind and understanding person. I use to hear about kids like you, and think “tsk tsk” on the parents for not doing their job right. After all, it only takes a consistent routine and all babies will sleep! Ha. Now I’m so much more understanding of all parents. What do I know anymore.  They are parents, just like me, trying their best. I am now one of the most understanding and non-judgmental people you will ever meet.

Thank you for showing me how much stronger than I thought I was. Every day, “waking up” after just an hour or so of sleep.  Never getting any breaks. Continuing to work, take care of you and the other kids, and have dinner on the table. How can ANY human survive such torture of no sleep and no breaks? I DID and AM!

Thank you for helping me learn to just “let go”. I really needed this lesson. I use to blush inside when a friend came over unannounced…AND then they had to use my restroom. I would feel so bad for them- having to push aside dirty laundry or see the cob web in the corner. Now, my little non-sleeper- thanks to you, I don’t care if the Pastor and his wife come by. Let the laundry sit on the stairs, let the missed toilet paper wads sit by the toilet, let the dishes come falling out at you when you open the pantry door. I really don’t mind anymore! Clean house is so low on the priority list, and that’s ok.

Thank you for helping me grow even more patience. After 4 daughters, I thought I was a pretty patient Momma. Well, my little non-sleeper, I have tripled my level of patience. I can be up for almost 3 days straight- and just fall asleep in my own bed, and then hear you. Yes, I growl when I first hear that you aren’t sleeping… but in I go, as patient and loving as I was on day 1. Pick you up as you wrap your arms tight around my neck, and shush you and let you know “it’s ok”. I don’t know how long this will last. Could be years! But that’s ok- I am one of the most patient and loving people you’ll ever meet now!

Thank you for teaching me how to be grateful in the hardest of moments. No sleep, haven’t showered in days, haven’t seen the outside world in weeks, haven’t partied, haven’t stayed up past 9pm for fun, haven’t gone on vacation, haven’t gone out to eat. To most women- this would be the end of the world. Thanks to my little non-sleeper- I have learned to appreciate the little things. Five minutes of complete silence, even if I’m lying on your bedroom floor- ah, just heaven! Quick pony tail and a good deodorant- work just fine. I’m grateful for any sleep I get- even if it’s just an hour. SO grateful for any friendship I have. Speaking of friendships, that’s another thank you. Thank you for weeding out my real friends for me. I couldn’t have figured out who my real friends were without declining invites and not returning phone calls and talking for hours!

So, my little non-sleeper. Yes, you are not like my others. Yes, you are not like “the rest of the babies in the world”. You are my little skill sharpener. You have helped me become an even more amazing woman. Before you were born, yes, I slept, but I was never this kind, this gentle, this patient. Now, I’m amazing, all thanks to you. I love you, my little non-sleeper. Love, Mommy.

To any Mommy out there, who hasn't slept in ages. You are also amazing! You have more patience than you ever thought you had. More strength. More kindness. More love.... so cuddle that little one, like you've been doing, and thank them for making you even more amazing!

Myths vs. Facts

As you know, I'm a one mom show here. I wiggle into my bed at night with half my brain cheering me on for everything I did that day, other half of the brain daunts me with tomorrow's tasks. But that's totally ok... I have found that I absolutely HATE not having a to-do list. Yes. I'm weird. SO keep those orders coming :) Keep me busy!

With all that said, I get tons of emails everyday. Most are questions about cloth diapers. I've been surprised at a few questions that have been asked repeatedly through the last 6 years, and thought it might be helpful to "de-bunk" some of these myths.

MYTH: I know I can't use bleach on the cloth diapers, but I can if I get white diapers right?

FACT: Yikes! No. :) Reason for not using bleach is to not destroy the very thin lining on the fabric called PUL. This keeps a perfect, leak free diaper. So please, no bleach! You can use bleach on any regular microfiber inserts. If you want to remove any stains, just expose it to any sunlight (outside or inside).

MYTH: I'm afraid to get these bright designs and colors. Won't they show through when my baby wears a lighter outfit?

FACT: Unless your baby is wearing white, sheer pants or bloomers you won't see a bold color showing through. You might* see a little bit if you mix a super bright design and white, but a light color outfit like pastel yellow or khaki pants- you won't see.

MYTH: I want to either have all light designs/colors or dark so I can wash all the diapers in the same load.

FACT: All the diapers- dark red, white, you name it! Can be washed together without any problems. Remember that PUL I mentioned earlier? This also prevents the colors to fade or dye.

MYTH: The diapers look big, I'm not sure I want to try them on my baby to see if I like them because then I can't return them.

FACT: Please use the diapers! Wash them. Use them. Wear em out! This is why we offer the 30 day return- so you can get a good idea if these cloth diapers are for your baby or not.

MYTH: All pocket cloth diapers are the same.

FACT: As you have probably discovered, there are lots of cloth diaper options. Some for just a few dollars and some for $50. It's all in the materials. We use high quality fabrics, high quality snaps, thicker PUL. I'm so pleased with our products, I'm happy to replace or repair anything that breaks before 1 year is up. So I'd be busy repairing and replacing if it was a poor quality diaper right? (and I'm busy, just.. not busy doing that ;)


That's all the myth's I can think of right now- I might start another blog entry a few months from now with more myths to de-bunk :)

 Check out my other blog entries- and please.. comment :) Looks like its just me talking some days hehe

My personal testimony - Spiritual

They say you must capture your “audience” in the first paragraph- so here it goes: I am
the 5th of 6 children. My family was homeless when I was just 9 months old. I was molested
most of my childhood. I was the primary care giver for my mom as she died of cancer.... and I
wouldn’t change a thing.
Of course, I was too young to feel the pressure and stress of living in a tent as a family
of 7. We were always poor growing up. There was no such thing as “getting your own
hamburger” if you got to go out to eat. It was a special occasion to go to McDonalds. Each
person would get a 50 cent hamburger, and had to share it with someone. The bond and the
memories we all had I wouldn’t trade for anything! The creativity my siblings and I had to
have to create toys in our backyard is priceless. Something I still use to this day!
The molesting started when I was just 2 by people I trusted, and lasted till I was 13
when I finally got the courage to say something. It did affect me for years. I had a tainted view
on passion as I got older. A feeling of “I’m one of those women” seemed to always hover over
me. I struggled with feeling alone and “sinful” for most my teen life.
Christmas Eve 1999, I was 18. My mom had been misdiagnosed for months. Having
been told she had a “bad infection”, turned into a rush to the ER, emergency operation, her
needing to be revived in the OR- because an ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit had ruptured
inside of her. Seeing my dad hold her wedding rings in his hand, sobbing while we waited for
her to come out, was one of the hardest parts. Amazingly, my mother made it out of that, but
had a long battle for another 2 years after. On December 21, 2001, she finally went where she
had been begging to go “to see her God”.
At 20, I was very alone. I had to grow up quick and set aside my “fun life” to take care
of my dad and younger sister (who has epilepsy). All of a sudden a household of laundry, menu
planning, cooking, and cleaning was all my responsibility now. My mom was a great Christian.
She believed in God, she sang hymns, and memorized Bible verses all the way till the minutes
she took her last breath. She was strong. I was strong with her, until she was gone. Then it got
real. What kind of God does this? Why did He let her suffer so long? Why did He take my mom
away? Why do we always have to have a hard life? Bible reading was a reminder of my Mom,
so I continued to read the Bible despite my hate for God at that time. The verse was Psalms
42:11 “Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me?
Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God.” When life is
to the point where you can’t see any positive, and there are no answers, there IS one thing you
have left to do- Hope. I needed help for my countenance. My soul was hurting! I learned to
just hope that God would come through for me. I hoped that He had a plan and an answer.
Years passed, I lost more loved ones, and it ripped open that wound over and over. Yet
over and over, I had to tell myself “I will HOPE in God”. I had a few years of an amazing life,
with a few bumps along the way, but nothing serious! I was married to an amazing man,
babies started coming and growing up, life was good. I felt God was keeping His promises that I
had put my hope in. He was comforting me, He did have a plan. 2014 brought a lot more
bumps- financial changes, job changes for my husband, and even a very sad miscarriage. I
haven’t forgotten the God I have put my hope in.
It’s hard to put an entire 33 years into one paper, but I wanted to at least put my reason
for living in writing. Maybe you or someone you know has hit rock bottom. Maybe they need a
God to hope in. I believe we all need someone to look to. For me, it was my mom. I saw her
faith. If it was real for her, it must be something worth considering. Pain is real, it hurts, and
when the pain is as bad as it can get, you’ll look around and realize you ARE alone. Put your
hope in God. He will comfort you. He does have a plan.
“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not
to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11
I’m not a pastor or a perfect person. I haven’t been through as much as the next person might
have, but we all have some parts of a hard life we wish someone could understand. I do believe
God is real, and I do believe He hears our prayers and cries. If you ever need a prayer, or
someone to listen, feel free to email anytime!
Thanks for reading :)
Katie Williams

Diaper Cream?

So you are cloth diapering... everything has been going perfectly... until! You go to change your baby and there you see it, the horrible redness creeping around the edges of your little one's bum. You reach for the Desitin someone gave you at the baby shower, but WAIT! The instructions said not to use diaper creams! What do you do?

Fortunately, cloth diaper safe cream is very easy to make. I make a batch once a year and I use it on everything. Rug burns, sunburn, blisters, and of course, diaper rash.

Cloth Diaper Cream Ingredients

  • 1/4 cup shea butter
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon beeswax pastilles
  • 2 tablespoons zinc oxide powder (this can be optional)
  • Optional: A few drops of lavender essential oil

OPTIONS: If your baby tends to just need a daily prevention cream you can eliminate the zinc. Zinc is what heals the rash quickly, so definitely use if your baby tends to have rashes.

  1. Mix shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax in a mason jar or glass bowl over a small saucepan with an inch of water. Bring water to a boil and melt the ingredients. I keep a mason jar just for making beauty products since it is difficult to clean dishes after making anything with beeswax or zinc oxide.
  2. Remove from heat and add Zinc Oxide and Essential Oil.
  3. Stir carefully as it starts to cool. Keep in mind, it will harden as it cools. You might want to use a stirrer you can throw away.
  4. Pour into a container you are going to use to store it and stir a few more times as it cools. I use a basic tupperware with lid you can find at a dollar store.
  5. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to 3 months.

NOTE: You may find you need to experiment with the beeswax. Maybe the cream is too thick or too thin for your liking.

Find all these ingredients at Amazon.com :)


I was always told "it's a magical experience" or "the most precious thing in the world". Well... for me.. it's not. Well, not until they are about 6 months old. My first babies (twins), I was a young just turned 22 yr old. We hadn't planned on having a baby so soon after our wedding.. let alone TWO babies! I had a very hard recovery due to pre-enclampisa and high dosages of magnesium sulfate... my milk never came in. Which I'm ok with. I'm not sure I would have survived trying to nurse twins, on top of their severe colic and teeth coming in at 12 weeks! My 3rd baby, I was really excited to breastfeed. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research and I trusted the hospital lactation consultants. My baby girl was a hefty 9lb 7oz baby... and when she started crying, and I hadn't had my milk come in, the LC encouraged me to give some formula "til my milk came in". They also told me to not be a pacifier and stop trying to let her nurse so much. Of course, after 6 weeks she preferred bottles, and I sadly (and guiltily) stopped nursing. Then came baby #4. I researched everything I could... I must have belonged to 50 different breastfeeding forums. Checked out every library book. I was READY. Everyday I posted on those forums with questions. I had a miserable time at it. Baby wasn't gaining as fast as I hoped. Kept crying. I couldn't eat any dairy, tomato products, onions, spicy foods, broccoli, beans, squash, ...so yea, pretty much bland oatmeal haha I set mini-goals for myself. "Make it to 1 week"... "Make it to 2 weeks". I did mini goals until she was 5 months old.. and then.. it FINALLY clicked. I was enjoying this! Then Mr. Ethan came along. I thought I'd be a pro since I nursed his sister for 14 months. Well, I did know a LOT about breastfeeding...but it didn't make it any easier! I had to deal with the same issues as his sister.. low birth gain, fussy, dairy issues, etc...but add to that, he had a lip tie.

I've learned that breastfeeding for some, is a challenge. I look at it like a marathon. You have to prepare for it, and then you have to commit. Yes, it's a long road.. but just pace yourself and set mini goals :)

Lil guy here will be 8 months old next week.. and I'm past the hard part. NOW it really is a "magical experience". I'm glad I stuck it out.

If you are planning to breastfeed my biggest advice is to educate yourself. Be ready!

I love how he has to "hold on tight" :)

Disposable liners... are they worth it?

I admit, I never used disposable liners with my last 2 babies. I figured it was just one of those added luxuries that I could do without. Then my lil man arrived... the world record pooper. I know moms who struggle getting their little ones to poo at least once a week. Not Mr. Ethan here. Every other diaper holds a surprise. I decided to try these disposable liners customers rave about. I grabbed this big thing that looked like a big paper towel roll. Broke off a sheet, and put it inside his diaper. (Side note here.. paper towel will not work. Unless you want tiny, wet, paper balls you have to add to your clean up routine). It seemed a little ridiculous at first lining his cloth diaper with "tissue". A few hours later, I was "excited" to see how it worked. Let's just say... that thing was amazing! SO easy to clean up. You just grab the tissue by the corners, and toss! They are ok to flush, but I just prefer to toss in a trash bin. 100% biodegradable! What really makes these things nice is the fact that I don't have to spend a few minutes per diaper trying to get the poo to fall off in the toilet.. or spraying it down. There is literally ZERO work now when I do diaper laundry.

So I went from "I'll try these when I'm out shopping I guess" to "ALWAYS USE THESE!". They really are nice. I prefer the bamboo disposable liners as they are much softer. The cotton ones are more like a dryer sheet thickness- but they still do the trick (and better for budget :)

So there you have it... in my book, disposable liners are 1000% worth it.. especially if you have a champion pooper like I do ;)

Click Here to check out the liners for sale!


My happy lil 7 month old :)

Cloth Diapering On Go

This is one question that seems to trip parents up. There you are, in a small bathroom. You've just sanitized the changing table to the best of your abilities. Baby is already getting worried about all the chaos.. you hold him tight while you wait for the last toilet to flush so your baby doesn't go completely crazy the minute you take the diaper off. Changing a baby in a public place is already hard enough as is.. so cloth diapers would make it that much more of a challenge right? Nope :)

Here's what you need:

- Cloth diaper (inserts already in place)  - Wipes (or cloth, already moistened)   -Travel wetbag (or ziploc bag)

Dirty diaper off. Wipe down. Put a clean JSB diaper on baby. Snap dirty diaper shut. Place into travel bag. Add to diaper laundry when you get home!

Easy Peasy. So.. what do you do if you forget the diaper... in the diaper bag... for 4 days? Ick! Send it through the wash with the rest of your diapers. If you see it needs some more serious tending to, soak it in a bucket of warm water and add a teaspoon of Funk Rock (Rockin Green soap).


Good luck cloth diapering on the go!

Have you cloth diapered on the go? On vacation? What comments did you get?