Myths vs. Facts

As you know, I'm a one mom show here. I wiggle into my bed at night with half my brain cheering me on for everything I did that day, other half of the brain daunts me with tomorrow's tasks. But that's totally ok... I have found that I absolutely HATE not having a to-do list. Yes. I'm weird. SO keep those orders coming :) Keep me busy!

With all that said, I get tons of emails everyday. Most are questions about cloth diapers. I've been surprised at a few questions that have been asked repeatedly through the last 6 years, and thought it might be helpful to "de-bunk" some of these myths.

MYTH: I know I can't use bleach on the cloth diapers, but I can if I get white diapers right?

FACT: Yikes! No. :) Reason for not using bleach is to not destroy the very thin lining on the fabric called PUL. This keeps a perfect, leak free diaper. So please, no bleach! You can use bleach on any regular microfiber inserts. If you want to remove any stains, just expose it to any sunlight (outside or inside).

MYTH: I'm afraid to get these bright designs and colors. Won't they show through when my baby wears a lighter outfit?

FACT: Unless your baby is wearing white, sheer pants or bloomers you won't see a bold color showing through. You might* see a little bit if you mix a super bright design and white, but a light color outfit like pastel yellow or khaki pants- you won't see.

MYTH: I want to either have all light designs/colors or dark so I can wash all the diapers in the same load.

FACT: All the diapers- dark red, white, you name it! Can be washed together without any problems. Remember that PUL I mentioned earlier? This also prevents the colors to fade or dye.

MYTH: The diapers look big, I'm not sure I want to try them on my baby to see if I like them because then I can't return them.

FACT: Please use the diapers! Wash them. Use them. Wear em out! This is why we offer the 30 day return- so you can get a good idea if these cloth diapers are for your baby or not.

MYTH: All pocket cloth diapers are the same.

FACT: As you have probably discovered, there are lots of cloth diaper options. Some for just a few dollars and some for $50. It's all in the materials. We use high quality fabrics, high quality snaps, thicker PUL. I'm so pleased with our products, I'm happy to replace or repair anything that breaks before 1 year is up. So I'd be busy repairing and replacing if it was a poor quality diaper right? (and I'm busy, just.. not busy doing that ;)


That's all the myth's I can think of right now- I might start another blog entry a few months from now with more myths to de-bunk :)

 Check out my other blog entries- and please.. comment :) Looks like its just me talking some days hehe

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  • Anon - March 31, 2016

    Bleach actually doesn’t ruin PUL. Just fyi. :)

  • Cassandra - March 24, 2016

    The awesome return policy and warranty convinced me to buy the first time but I never had any issues! Love everything I have purchased from JSB. I even have four year old (previous style) diapers still in regular rotation here. :)

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