Cloth Diapering On Go

This is one question that seems to trip parents up. There you are, in a small bathroom. You've just sanitized the changing table to the best of your abilities. Baby is already getting worried about all the chaos.. you hold him tight while you wait for the last toilet to flush so your baby doesn't go completely crazy the minute you take the diaper off. Changing a baby in a public place is already hard enough as is.. so cloth diapers would make it that much more of a challenge right? Nope :)

Here's what you need:

- Cloth diaper (inserts already in place)  - Wipes (or cloth, already moistened)   -Travel wetbag (or ziploc bag)

Dirty diaper off. Wipe down. Put a clean JSB diaper on baby. Snap dirty diaper shut. Place into travel bag. Add to diaper laundry when you get home!

Easy Peasy. So.. what do you do if you forget the diaper... in the diaper bag... for 4 days? Ick! Send it through the wash with the rest of your diapers. If you see it needs some more serious tending to, soak it in a bucket of warm water and add a teaspoon of Funk Rock (Rockin Green soap).


Good luck cloth diapering on the go!

Have you cloth diapered on the go? On vacation? What comments did you get?


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