Disposable liners... are they worth it?

I admit, I never used disposable liners with my last 2 babies. I figured it was just one of those added luxuries that I could do without. Then my lil man arrived... the world record pooper. I know moms who struggle getting their little ones to poo at least once a week. Not Mr. Ethan here. Every other diaper holds a surprise. I decided to try these disposable liners customers rave about. I grabbed this big thing that looked like a big paper towel roll. Broke off a sheet, and put it inside his diaper. (Side note here.. paper towel will not work. Unless you want tiny, wet, paper balls you have to add to your clean up routine). It seemed a little ridiculous at first lining his cloth diaper with "tissue". A few hours later, I was "excited" to see how it worked. Let's just say... that thing was amazing! SO easy to clean up. You just grab the tissue by the corners, and toss! They are ok to flush, but I just prefer to toss in a trash bin. 100% biodegradable! What really makes these things nice is the fact that I don't have to spend a few minutes per diaper trying to get the poo to fall off in the toilet.. or spraying it down. There is literally ZERO work now when I do diaper laundry.

So I went from "I'll try these when I'm out shopping I guess" to "ALWAYS USE THESE!". They really are nice. I prefer the bamboo disposable liners as they are much softer. The cotton ones are more like a dryer sheet thickness- but they still do the trick (and better for budget :)

So there you have it... in my book, disposable liners are 1000% worth it.. especially if you have a champion pooper like I do ;)

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My happy lil 7 month old :)

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