I was always told "it's a magical experience" or "the most precious thing in the world". Well... for me.. it's not. Well, not until they are about 6 months old. My first babies (twins), I was a young just turned 22 yr old. We hadn't planned on having a baby so soon after our wedding.. let alone TWO babies! I had a very hard recovery due to pre-enclampisa and high dosages of magnesium sulfate... my milk never came in. Which I'm ok with. I'm not sure I would have survived trying to nurse twins, on top of their severe colic and teeth coming in at 12 weeks! My 3rd baby, I was really excited to breastfeed. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research and I trusted the hospital lactation consultants. My baby girl was a hefty 9lb 7oz baby... and when she started crying, and I hadn't had my milk come in, the LC encouraged me to give some formula "til my milk came in". They also told me to not be a pacifier and stop trying to let her nurse so much. Of course, after 6 weeks she preferred bottles, and I sadly (and guiltily) stopped nursing. Then came baby #4. I researched everything I could... I must have belonged to 50 different breastfeeding forums. Checked out every library book. I was READY. Everyday I posted on those forums with questions. I had a miserable time at it. Baby wasn't gaining as fast as I hoped. Kept crying. I couldn't eat any dairy, tomato products, onions, spicy foods, broccoli, beans, squash, yea, pretty much bland oatmeal haha I set mini-goals for myself. "Make it to 1 week"... "Make it to 2 weeks". I did mini goals until she was 5 months old.. and then.. it FINALLY clicked. I was enjoying this! Then Mr. Ethan came along. I thought I'd be a pro since I nursed his sister for 14 months. Well, I did know a LOT about breastfeeding...but it didn't make it any easier! I had to deal with the same issues as his sister.. low birth gain, fussy, dairy issues, etc...but add to that, he had a lip tie.

I've learned that breastfeeding for some, is a challenge. I look at it like a marathon. You have to prepare for it, and then you have to commit. Yes, it's a long road.. but just pace yourself and set mini goals :)

Lil guy here will be 8 months old next week.. and I'm past the hard part. NOW it really is a "magical experience". I'm glad I stuck it out.

If you are planning to breastfeed my biggest advice is to educate yourself. Be ready!

I love how he has to "hold on tight" :)

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  • Corrie - August 25, 2016

    Way to go momma! You certainly had a rough road, but I applaud your determination to keep going. Enjoy that little one!

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