To the tired Momma

You would have to know my journey with my little boy to understand just how TIRED I have been this last year and half. I found myself becoming very negative at life, and a complainer! I sat in his room one day, and it hit me, I have so much to thank him for! So I wrote it down. Hopefully, this will bring a smile to another mom who has a little, non-sleeper too :)

To my child who never seems to need sleep.

Thank you for teaching me to be a kind and understanding person. I use to hear about kids like you, and think “tsk tsk” on the parents for not doing their job right. After all, it only takes a consistent routine and all babies will sleep! Ha. Now I’m so much more understanding of all parents. What do I know anymore.  They are parents, just like me, trying their best. I am now one of the most understanding and non-judgmental people you will ever meet.

Thank you for showing me how much stronger than I thought I was. Every day, “waking up” after just an hour or so of sleep.  Never getting any breaks. Continuing to work, take care of you and the other kids, and have dinner on the table. How can ANY human survive such torture of no sleep and no breaks? I DID and AM!

Thank you for helping me learn to just “let go”. I really needed this lesson. I use to blush inside when a friend came over unannounced…AND then they had to use my restroom. I would feel so bad for them- having to push aside dirty laundry or see the cob web in the corner. Now, my little non-sleeper- thanks to you, I don’t care if the Pastor and his wife come by. Let the laundry sit on the stairs, let the missed toilet paper wads sit by the toilet, let the dishes come falling out at you when you open the pantry door. I really don’t mind anymore! Clean house is so low on the priority list, and that’s ok.

Thank you for helping me grow even more patience. After 4 daughters, I thought I was a pretty patient Momma. Well, my little non-sleeper, I have tripled my level of patience. I can be up for almost 3 days straight- and just fall asleep in my own bed, and then hear you. Yes, I growl when I first hear that you aren’t sleeping… but in I go, as patient and loving as I was on day 1. Pick you up as you wrap your arms tight around my neck, and shush you and let you know “it’s ok”. I don’t know how long this will last. Could be years! But that’s ok- I am one of the most patient and loving people you’ll ever meet now!

Thank you for teaching me how to be grateful in the hardest of moments. No sleep, haven’t showered in days, haven’t seen the outside world in weeks, haven’t partied, haven’t stayed up past 9pm for fun, haven’t gone on vacation, haven’t gone out to eat. To most women- this would be the end of the world. Thanks to my little non-sleeper- I have learned to appreciate the little things. Five minutes of complete silence, even if I’m lying on your bedroom floor- ah, just heaven! Quick pony tail and a good deodorant- work just fine. I’m grateful for any sleep I get- even if it’s just an hour. SO grateful for any friendship I have. Speaking of friendships, that’s another thank you. Thank you for weeding out my real friends for me. I couldn’t have figured out who my real friends were without declining invites and not returning phone calls and talking for hours!

So, my little non-sleeper. Yes, you are not like my others. Yes, you are not like “the rest of the babies in the world”. You are my little skill sharpener. You have helped me become an even more amazing woman. Before you were born, yes, I slept, but I was never this kind, this gentle, this patient. Now, I’m amazing, all thanks to you. I love you, my little non-sleeper. Love, Mommy.

To any Mommy out there, who hasn't slept in ages. You are also amazing! You have more patience than you ever thought you had. More strength. More kindness. More love.... so cuddle that little one, like you've been doing, and thank them for making you even more amazing!

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