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"I never planned on cloth diapering! I was just playing around with researching them and came across your website! Best thing ive ever done was purchase them from JSB! I will never buy from another company! No one can compare with the amazing customer service and the great products you sell!!! Thank you so much! " - Ashlee M.

"I just have to say thank you- I've been using the diapers for about a week and love them. I am using them for my second baby. I had some Fuzzibunz and Alva Baby diapers for my first baby and they don't fit my second baby very well. The Alva's elastic has worn out and the Fuzzibunz inserts were never very absorbent. They were leaking through her clothes so I switched to disposable for a while, feeling frustrated. I've been on your email list for a while (can't remember how I heard about Just Simply Baby) and wanted to order, but needed to budget them in. When you had your recent sale (BOGO1/2) I took the plunge. I am so impressed with the quality! I was pleasantly surprised to see they had the double gussets. The snaps are secure. The fabric is great. Just wanted you to know you helped get us back in cloth and we are very satisfied customers! I will recommend you to my friends and students (I am a childbirth educator) and will be making future purchases." - Julia W.

"I'm actually just writing to say how much I love your product. I have a large variety of other brands and own about 5 of the Just Simply Baby brand. I happened to receive them in a lot a few months ago from another local mama that I bought them from (preloved). We've only just begun our cloth diaper journey about 8 months ago and had yet to find one that worked all around and fit trim on our chubby baby. Well, we found that in your diaper. I've never had one leak and they fit him very trim even if I double stuff. They seem to be the most comfortable fit for him. My stash is about 60 strong and I wanna ditch everything I own and get all Just Simply Baby brand. I love to let companies know they are doing awesome, so I came to your website only to find out that you are USA based AND a WAHM. I'm amazed. You have a lifetime customer! I can't wait to order my first new diaper from your site. Thanks so much for being great!! From another mama that works from home with 4 kids :)"- Lorne and Amy T.

"Just wanted to let you know we received our diapers and are thrilled with them! They are very well constructed, and the hemp inserts are sooo absorbent! Thank you!" Amy G.

"Out of all of the diapers that we own these are our favorite. They fit my long skinny little man so much better than any other diaper we have tired. And the double gussets are the best! We have never had a blowout in one of these diapers. The prints are adorable and the microboo inserts are the best inserts we have ever used." - Michaela W.

"Hi there!  Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the advice on soaking!  My diapers & liners were FULL of residue. It took hours of scrubbing my washer & dryer, 18+ hours of soaking (2 rounds of overnight soaking each batch) in the tub, many many rinse cycles but its like I have new diapers again!! We have changed our detergent and no more dryer sheets. I had no idea residue could build up like that!  This might be very helpful info to include with anyone's first purchase to spare them the week long project of stripping rinsing & drying a giant diaper stash!  (Maybe even include a pamphlet or offer/sell a kit for cleaning washer & dryer prior to washing diapers?) Because I am sure there are other folks out there, like me, have no idea just how much gunk build up is lurking in their washer & dryer. Just a suggestion. :) Also wanted to mention we just received some of our new prints (LOVE THEM!) and we tried out the Ultra diapers and I can't express how much I love them!!  With my baby sleeping 12 hrs a night now, we were having major issues with leaks at night (even with several brands of disposables) BUT between these ultra diapers and adding a hemp booster, he was dry as a bone the next morning!!  No more changing his bed sheet daily!!!  Thanks so much again!! :)" ~Nikki H

"I ordered four Just Simply Baby diapers while they were on special through Zulily. I worried that at such a good price there had to be a catch and they just wouldn't be as good as the competitor diapers.  My husband urged me to order more, but I didn't want to get stuck with a bunch of inferior diapers.  Now that I have used my new JSB diapers I must say that I regret not getting way more than I did.  I love them!  They are very high quality diapers and I have enjoyed using them for my son.  I also have BumGenius and Little Monsters pocket diapers but I always reach for my Just Simply Babies first.  Thank you for making such wonderful diapers at such a great price.  Let me know if you start selling them anywhere in Minneapolis.  Until then I will point my friends toward your website." -Annie T.

"Aloha! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your very fair shipping costs.  I live in Hawaii and I constantly get gouged on shipping. That is if i can even get some companies to send stuff here!  Yes, we are part of America and yes we do have the united states postal service here so we do know how much it costs to ship stuff!!  I tried to order from one unnamed but very well known co. and they wanted to charge $30 for shipping!!  I am so glad that i found you on Zulily. -Patrick S.

"We love using our diapers as "swim diapers" and since we just have the kiddie pool we don't need to worry about the effects of chlorine. Using them as swim diapers has saved us so much money, plus they are way cuter!! Thanks again. We just love your diapers. Makes me want to have a third baby so we can keep using them" Aleyna M.

"I just had to tell you how much I love your diapers! I was very skeptical at first after ordering a digital camo diaper off of I have been cloth diapering for 3 1/2 years. I am on my third and last LO. I have stuck mostly to fuzzibunz and bumgenious diapers or prefolds with thirstie covers when newborns. Last year I had about 12 of my Fuzzibunz get ruined. The pul came apart. So disgusted I vowed I would not buy another one of those, but I was having a hard time spending the money to replace them! I saw the camo diaper on and my husband who is going through Army OCS wanted me to get it. Well I wish I had ordered more (which I did just now)! It fit my guy great and he looked so adorable in it!! Thank you so much for the fine quality decent priced diapers! After I placed my order I saw you offered a military discount. I am positive I will be placing another order soon and will take advantage of it! Thank you so much!" ~Devon C.

"I want to send a message to tell you how happy I am with your cloth diapers.  I discovered your diapers on Zulily and purchased 6 to try.  In addition to great quality, I really  like the double gusset diapers and the patterns you provide.  I now think of his diaper as an accessory opposed to just a diaper. I've been cloth diapering my son who is almost 8 months old since birth.  I've tried everything from pocket AIO's, flats and prefolds.  I absolutely love cloth diapering, and those who thought I was nuts for trying know understand the benefits of my choice. Thanks again for providing a great affordable and quality product to the CD'ing community!" ~ Kim N.

 "I'm not new to CDing but was new to JSB. I initially found the company thru Zulily and bookmarked the site to come back & shop later. I love that it's for moms, by moms - not a mass production in a foreign country. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dipes - the elastic pocket is way better than the flap. The diapers are soft, well made, fit great. Aesthetically, I like that the snaps are color coordinated to the diaper - it's something small but adds to the overall presentation :-) The microfiber inserts from JSB are much softer than my other diapers. Even tho the inserts don't touch my babys bum it makes for a more comfortable diaper. 110% pleased with my purchase and I look forward to a long relationship with JSB!" ~Celeste J.

 "I never thought I would be a cloth diapering mama. I was interested in doing it, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg to realize it wasn't for me. I'm so glad I found this site! I ordered to starter kit for a WONDERFUL price. I received my package pretty quick. After a week of cloth diapering, i was hooked! Out of several brands that we have, these diapers are my FAVORITE! never any leaks, great fit for my 2 mo old, pretty designs, wonderful feel, the pocket size is perfect too! Not too big like other brands! If you are on the edge about ordering from just do it!! Thanks for being awesome!" ~Amy

"I just want to reiterate that I am so happy I became aware of your company. The prices and customer service are great, I love the option of choosing inserts, and the quality of the diapers are excellent - I've never had a leak (and I've had plenty of leaks with other brands). I will definitely continue to recommend you to my cloth diaper mom friends :)"~ Allison

" Never thought I'd say it, but I love cloth diapers after switching to JSB. I had two in diapers, and it was costing me way too much money! A friend of mine had just ordered her first diapers, and I dove right in behind her and ordered mine. I never looked back! They were super easy to use, super easy to wash, and they looked extra super cute on my boys! Thank you, JSB for making my life much simpler, and saving me so much money! " ~Jaime W.

"So I ordered the Beginners Luck package to try out cloth diapering before I decided to go cloth all the way. It is the only place I found that offered a cheap package to try before you buy a whole bunch of diapers. I tried them for a week and decided to dive in and I must say I love it! The prints are adorable, I never open the diaper to find chemical beads on him like disposables, and they are great quality for the price! I have seen diapers with the same quality or worse sell for 20 a piece. I have fallen in love with just simply baby diapers and the Rock n Green detergent! I love motley clean and rage against the rasberries! Must add these diapers are sooooo easy to clean mine have been through about three or four washes and still look brand spanking new like I just took them out of the package! Thank you for providing quality cloth diapers and a great price and for all the help in deciding! The staff here is amazing as well very quick to reply to my emails and they answer every question I have! Thank you JSB recommending you to all my pregnant and mommy friends!!!" ~ Chelsey O.

"My first born is now 2 months old. Before she was born, we knew we wanted to do cloth diapers but the options are almost overwhelming! Based on my research and the reviews left by other people I decided to take a big gamble and buy some JSB's. ONLY JSB's! I got 21 to start, never having used cloth (or any diapers) before, never having actually seen or touched these or any other brands... I knew I was taking a risk that I wouldn't like them or they wouldn't work for my baby, but I am super happy to say that is not the case! we LOVE these diapers! We did use some other brands & types when she was a newborn (this was before your preemie/nb diapers came out!) and while we didn't have any really bad experiences I discovered that they weren't keeping her very dry, or that she would wet them so much they would start leaking. So it didn't take long for me to get tired of dealing with that and put the JSB's on her. Instantly the irritation she had from the other wet diapers was gone- even with both inserts thoroughly soaked her bum was DRY! The reason it took so long for me to write this review? I was holding out for her to poop in them- it seemed she always would poop when the other diapers were on her while doing a load of these, so it took a while =) But she did, and it held beautifully! Her EBF poop got soaked up so well that there wasn't really anything that could ooze out, despite it being what my husband described as an "apocalyptic poop"! So in a nutshell, my husband and I both love these diapers- they're cute, easy to use, very affordable, and they WORK! My baby girl must like them too because they keep her dry and she has no irritation or rash. I've been recommending your diapers to all my friends interested in cloth diapering!" ~Kristin D.

"I just have to sound off about JSB diapers, they are AWESOME !!! I am no expert by any means, I have had my son in cloth at least part time since he came home about 3 months ago. While I do wish I would have found JSB diapers first, I am thankful I have had the experience with other brands so I know beyond anything out there, JSB diapers are truly the best!! Why? As a super OCD and over-researching-mom-type, I'll gladly tell you why!!! ONE: The fit, PERFECT. LIke they were made for my skinny, 2-months-early preemie. A big, welcome surprise. Other brands had to be put on overly tight and made marks on his legs and tummy. When loosened up a bit, they leaked. TWO: The snaps, RIDICULOUSLY EASY!!! This one is a biggie because with other brands, I have to reach in the diaper deeper to push from the inside to get the snaps to snap and I was always squishing my poor lil guys' mini goods:( THREE: The colors and patterns are waaaaaay cuter than any other brands out there!FOUR: MINKY !!!!! Need I say more?FIVE: The hemp inserts are thin, super absorbent and fit perfectly inside the JSP diapers. Even after 4 hours of napping, my son's diaper was dry to the touch but the hemp, heavy with wet, held it in just perfectly!SIX: The price is super affordable, even over the skimpy, "bare bones" cloth diapering systems out there! These diapers are just luxury all the way. You know the old saying, "Champagne tastes on a beer budget"? This is the champagne of diapers on the cheap, beer diaper budget!!! Lo l, I know that sounds funny but it's true.SEVEN, lastly: I get the feeling if I needed customer service, it would be superb. I personally have not had to use customer service because everything is VERY WELL explained on the site and essential literature is included with your order. Super awesome:)If I had one complaint, it would only be that I had no idea JSB diapers existed until I read a review on regarding another product where the reviewer mentioned them. Thank all the good in the universe for that reviewer!!! If I could dream a dream of the perfect cloth diaper, these are it!!!! Thank you for making such a superior product and such an unbelievably affordable price, please keep it up!!!! " ~ Becki P.

"I have been cloth diapering now for only three week, and absolutely love it! JSB has been more than helpful to guide me along this, (easier than I thought) road to cloth diapering. I bought diapers and went the extra bit to get bamboo inserts. I read how well they absorb, and how good they are for my babies skin. Let me just say I love them! My son, who is now 5 months, and a heavy wetter can go 4-5 hours without me changing and the diaper doesn't leak. Love my bamboo inserts and recommend them for any babies that are heavy wetters! I started cloth diapering less than a month ago. It was such a stressful time trying to decided the brand, type etc. Everyone was telling me I had to pay so much for such little.. one diaper 25.00$? no way! When I heard about JSB I was so excited! Good prices, cute prints, and awesome starter packages! I was even happier after receiving my diapers, when I finally got to use them! So much easier than I thought, and would never think to go back! JSB diapers have changed my and my husbands lives! You have opened us up to the world of cloth diapering! Thank you JSB! New to cloth diapering? Always wanted to start? Scared of Poo? Well JSB has a solution for you! Disposable liners! They are great, light, easy to use, and keep all that poo off your diaper to make for an easy clean up! My husband was not a big fan for cloth diapers (mainly because of the poo), but when I showed him this product, he didn't mind the mess, because there was none! Love this product, and its cheap! Thank you JSB!" ~ Katie T.

"I love this lil booty camo diaper I bought for my ten month old son! I also got two hemp liners with it, and they are just amazing! I love it and it is so cute on him! actually my favorite one for him, not just the look of it on him, but also just how it is made it great. I will definitely be buying more from your sight! Oh, and I love the pricing too! :)" ~ Sirena A

"I have completely fallen in love with these diapers. All the prints they come in are so fun and can't wait to buy more. I have found myself asking why I never started using cloth with my other two children. These diapers have made it so easy to do and has saved use money from buying disposables. I have also received so many compliments on them. But the part I love the most is that every time I change my little ones diapers she gets big smiles and loves how soft they are.
Thank you so much for having such a great and low cost product to share with everyone" ~ Tara D.

"I'm considering myself a newbie to the cd world but fell in love with it. I cloth diaper part-time. I haven't convinced the hubby to convert over and no matter what I've showed him, what we've read, and what other people have told him. He'd rather keep "throwing away money" on disposables! Originally received a few "name brand" from cousin to try out. I liked them for most part but a few weren't enough so I began search to find better deal. I'm not completely sure how I first found JSB, think I searched the net and it came up, then I saw they were on fb as well. I ended up ordering just 1-2 from JSB and 1-2 from a "big name" site. Gave them all a try. So far, I seem to like the JSB better. They fit my chunker a lot better, haven't had too many leaks (which I think was mostly due to she all o fa sudden became a heavy wetter), and obviously they come in so many adorable patterns, colors, and materials. As much as I love the feel of the minky, Itend to notice we have a bigger leak through if she really wets unlike the regular material. We've grown to just keep a better eye on it, and change her even if she's "too busy" playing to avoid such leaks. I absolutely love that each diaper came with 2 inserts, as we definitely need them for our heavier wetter. This gave us a bonus on not having to buy extras like most other companies/sites. We liked the 1-2 we first purchased so we came back and bought a half-in package to get our stash up. I already want to buy even more,but have been holding out because between our JSB and the few others, our part-time cding laundry keeps up just fine. BUT when I get my itch to just buy more or we end up needing more, I know right where to find such great deals,great quality, and great customer service. JSB- Thanks for everything!" ~ K. Rippentrop

"I was skeptical and very nervous to switch to cloth diapering for a long time, to be honest i loved the convience of disposables... bad i know :p And it was even a harder battle to convince my husband to join in with me on the transition. But finally i got him to agree and you know what hes ok with cding and cleaning up the poop( we use JS Liners and they work awesome!!). Ladies i did so much research i swear i went blind some nights watching youtube, reading on the internet etc. Then i came across Katies Website. I think she sucked me in with the variety of prints , colors, and Minky fabric( gotta love soft fluff)!!! Took me forever to decide lets just say. First i ordered 1 to try out and then a travel and mega wet bags( which i must say i love as well work great, and gotta love how cute they are too). After i ordered that i did my huge order of i think 14 diapers and set of liners came with set of instructions which i found very helpful.

Once i received and prepped them i honestly say i think i love them more than the 4 brand names i got from another site. Ive had NO leaks, I just throw a dirty diaper in the bag and ive had no problems with stains, fit my SKINNY MINNEY 7 month old really well especially around the legs, 1 insert is good for him during day for night i use 2 and i have microfiber inserts and they keep wetness away from baby, i love how soft the inside is and how easy it is to stuff the diapers. I found doesnt take long for them to dry either. I cant say enough good things about Just Simply Babys CDs For you skeptics out there, try you never know you might come a cding addict like me and fall in love like i have. JSB Made it so easy to make the transition. Order ladies you wont be disappointed!!!" ~ Holly A.

"I just received my order for you and I can't believe I didn't find you sooner. I have a small stash of cloth diapers and yours are far and away my favorite. Your site is excellent, the fact that you can customize inserts is perfect, the way you do business is admirable and I absolutely love, love, love my new diapers. I will no longer purchase other diapers; I found the ones that work for us. And the price? Perfect. Thank you for that! I liked in your story how you said you were almost "offended" at how much people charge for cloth diapers. I couldn't agree more. I feel like I'm using a lot of superlatives here, but I truly can't express how happy I am with your diapers and your customer service. I will recommend you to everyone I can think of. Many, many thanks." ~ Rebecca L.

Hi Katie- First- your new site is wonderful!I am fairly new to cloth diapering, I started my son at 13 mos & he is now 17 mos. I had started w/ a newer brand, I was so excited to start I bought 6 and was not satisfied. A little discouraging. My husband is a stay at home dad while finishing up his degree and he had to be on board. He hated our first brand. Next we found we really liked a mainstream brand, but w/ one income they were a little pricey. I was just surfing the internet one day somehow happened across Simply Baby. I ordered just one minky to try & see how we liked it. I learned with the first brand to not just dive right in. I love everything about it! the soft texture, its not bulky, they are SO ADORABLE! We live in the desert, so I like the patterns to pair w/ a t-shirt on hot days. I love the stretchiness of the waistline for easier snapping, my son no longer fights the diaper change. I also love that the diapers meet US health/safety/manufacturing requirements. Finally, I love helping SAHMs. And a bonus, was finding scripture on your website. Since my first order, I have ordered 9 more, the price is unbeatable. I cant wait to get more. (At this rate, Im not sure cloths will be cheaper for us! :p) I love your product & love to share my smart finds, I recommend you to everyone I know, cloth or Sposie users!Thank you so much! Very happy, consumers and family. ~The Robersons.

"I am a new cloth diaper mom who started cloth diapering my son at 22 months. We decided to cloth diaper when regular diapers of any brand caused my son to have terrible red bumps (even when changed constantly). The JSB diapers have been such a life saver for us, not only are they easy to use but they come is such wonderful prints, they are affordable, they come with extra inserts and they are easy for even my husband to use ;). It was a change to go from throwing diapers away to having to clean off the poop but it truly isn't bad at all, even my husband doesn't mind changing and dunking them!! I highly recommend this fabulous product, they not only hold up so well, look cute but they also have a great meaning behind them with stay at home mommys making them!! I recommend JSB diapers to all mommies I know!! Thank you JSB for such a great product!!!" ~ Raine C.

"Katie, I am new to cloth diapering. I started off purchasing the "economical" version, ie. The Flip system! First, its not exactly cheap. Second, you have to get the inserts in just right, or you will have leaks! Then, I found you on Facebook!!!! And like others have said, I saw many other diapers that looked like your diapers. I am so glad I chose JSB diapers, I have stopped using the Flip system all together. I can't wait to purchase more diapers, and other goodies from your site! Thank you so much for what you do for this planet, and all the mama's out here looking for a better alternative for our little ones!"Amy G.

"I'm not a cloth-diapering mom, just a doting grandma who enjoys buying for the best grandson ever. But my daughter loves your products, and I take credit for finding your company and introducing her to your diapers and other goodies!! I keep a roll of diaper liners on hand for when I'm babysitting. Great product, as is everything we've purchased! Thanks!" - L. L.

"I did a lot of online research. I wanted to try cloth but was so overwhelmed at the choices. I found your package deals to be the most economical and with the 30 day trial I went for it. I am so so so happy I did. I love my simply cloth diapers. They're so easy to use that my family who baby sits originally said they wouldn't be using cloth diapers not only use the diapers but also the wipes! I have two children and work on average 50+ hours a week but the maintenance and washing of these diapers is so easy that I have no problem keeping up. The package I bought has plenty of diapers and inserts. The quality is awesome and the prints are so cute ive already bought four more! So many people ask me about cloth when they see your diapers on my daughter. I give them as much info as I can always followed by your informative website. Hopefully I can educate others and turn them on to cloth as well." ~ Crystal C.

"I LOVE my Just Simply Baby cloth diapers! The fit is really good and we have no leakages at all with my 5 month old son. I prefer the regular to the minky fabric because it's less bulky and I love all the colours and designs that they come in. My favourites are Candy Apple Red and the Twinkle Twinkle line. I have some Fuzzy Bunz and I like the adjust ability better on Just Simply Baby and of course the price! I would TOTALLY recommend Just Simply Baby cloth diapers to any mum. They are FANTASTIC. Cloth diapering is certainly easier than I thought it would be!" Kelly (In a small 1 bedroom apartment in San Francisco!)

"I've been using your diapers for about 3 weeks now and LOVE them. Just as easy to use as disposables and wash up super easy (still look brand new). Even hubby was impressed at the ease of switching to cloth. I haven't had too many leaks and no poop explosions so far (I think I left them on a little too long over nap time!). I have a set of twins wearing them and every time I put one on I think I just added a quarter to my pocket. They are great for my wallet, comfy on my babies booties and super adorable to look at. My stack of clean diapers makes me happy every day!" ~ Kelly S.

"I am so glad I found JSB, while deciding to cloth diaper our baby seemed like a good idea I was so overwhelmed with all the information out there. It was so confusing and I thought I can NEVER do this. I happened to stumble on the JSB site and was amazed at how easy Katie made it. The videos helped so much and I was like well that doesn't seem so bad. So I bought two JSB diapers to try, along with a rumparooz, a bum genius and a fuzzibunz from another store. After my little girl arrived I busted them out, trying them all. After several uses my husband and I both agreed the JSB diapers were the best by far. I love the pocket in the back, it holds the insert in so it can't slip out. The MF inserts are so absorbent, we haven't had a leak yet and we only use one insert, she goes 8-10 hrs at night and wakes up with dry skin and no leaks. The snapping system is also the best, these diapers fit her the best when she was first born where the others were so much more bulky and gapped at the legs. There are no other diapers with as many cute prints and colors as JSB either. So we went back for more JSB and haven't looked back. Once in while we get low on our stash and have to use one of the other brands and dread it when we put it on her. I have about 20 now and that is perfect for us. I throw a load in every morning, hang them on a drying rack in my house and they are dry for use the next day. Works perfect. For those out there who think CD's are too much work you are crazy, this is the easiest thing I have done since my baby has been born. They are not anymore work than disposables. Oh and I must mention she was in disposables till her cord fell off and had at least 2 leaks or blow outs a day. Since she has been in her JSB CD's she hasn't had one leak or one blow out yet. So in your face disposable diapers!!!! Again amazing diaper!!! You won't find a better diaper for quality, prints and price out there, you will not be disappointed. If you are considering CD's JSB is the way to go, don't even waste your money on the others, you will just be disappointed.

Thanks Katie for making it easy for me to CD!!! Even my husband loves it oh and grandma is even sold on them : )"~ R. R.

"Because i was new to cloth diapers, I tried diapers from 4 different online vendors. The Just Simply Baby ones are by the best in several respects. First, they are really easy to care for and stain much less than others. I don't feel like I have to give them special treatment as they seem very well put together in the 3.5 months I have been using them. The inserts far surpass all of the other inserts from the other companies in terms of their absorption and coverage within the pocket -- not to mention that i now have more inserts than I need given that my daughter is not a heavy wetter! I love these diapers and thank you for your informative site!!!"~ Renee

I started using my new diapers a few days ago! I am loving them, they are too cute first of all! Have been catching everything and fairly simple to care for. I usually give them a rinse before leaving them for wash day to prevent staining. Great product! I have noticed that the minky diapers seem to soak through if there's a lot of pee...not waterproof like the regular ones. For this reason I wouldn't purchase the minky ones in the future. Absolutely love the reg ones though!~Thanks!" ~Emma

"Dear Katie,
My husband and I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with your product. We love all of the different styles you offer for boys, the baby looks so cute and comfy.We have tried a different brand and both agree yours are better, the adjustment are easier. I never would have thought cloth diapering could be so easy. If you have any costumers just starting out and thinking of using cloth this is all you need. Thanks for the great experience !!! ~Truly yours, Andrea& Martin C."

"I originally purchased 4 JSB diapers for my granddaughter. Her mother liked them so much she wanted to purchase more. Only problem she had was narrowing down her choices. Wasn't sure about the minky at first, but, really love how soft they are. I can't wait to see her new diapers. Thanks for making it so easy and affordable to be good to baby and the planet." ~Margaret

"Your diapers are fantastic! I have been using cloth and covers for a year now and looking for a good pocket. All of the ones I have tried so far have not been very good. Until yours! I highly recommend the starter package! And I will definitely be buying more from you when I am ready to replenish my supply! Thank you for such a great product! Happy diapering!" ~Amy



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