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Welcome to Just Simply Baby!

This is it! The cutest, most unique cloth diapers you'll find ANYWHERE! Why are they so cute and unique? Each of our prints have been hand designed and created by either me or fans like you! Each pocket diaper is consisted of an outer PUL fabric- which means no covers needed! The outside is waterproof and will not leak. The inside of each pocket diaper is made of a super soft and absorbent fabric called microsuede. Not hot like other diapers that are made with microfleece (which can get very hot!). All our pocket diapers will adjust to fit most babies birth to potty trained. If you would like a more fitted pocket diaper for your infant, or if you are expecting preemies, we highly recommend our Newborn/preemie pocket diapers. Of course, don't take our word for it! Check out our Customer Reviews