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"We love JSB diapers! Only ordered 15 the first time because I had a few other brands (Rumparooz, Bumgenius, Flips) but need some more of JSB because they are our favorite. We have a big baby, chubby thighs and bottom, and they fit her really well without cutting into her legs. I always recommend Just Simply Baby diapers to all my patients who are pregnant. Thank you for making a wonderful product!" ~ Margie K. D.C.


 "I heard about JSB from my friend, Jaime R. She did a lot of research on cloth diapers and decided to go with JSB. She is very happy. Since I have six children including a newborn I decided to go with her expertise! I am a very happy repeat customer! I love the fact that I can use the same diapers on my 3 mo old, 2 yr old, and 3 yr old children. The diapers are very easy to use and clean. I must also make mention of the fact that your customer service is excellent! This is both from my personal experience and the experiences of my friends who use JSB! My only regret is that I didn’t discover you much sooner! Thank you for everything! I will share this company and products with all of my friends! ~ Heather C.


"I am absolutely in love with these diapers! I have 7 boys oldest 11,10,8yr old twins,2yr old twins and a 2 month old. I wish i would have looked into cloth diapers long ago but i never thought of it until my baby was constant with a rash in the belly area doctor said was a contact rash from urine mixing with chemicals from disposable diapers i ordered 5 right away started using them and his rash went right away within a few days and hasent came back!! I'm so happy. Poor baby had that rash for a month because he was basically allergic to diapers. i ordered 10 more a week later!!" ~ Stephanie M

" I purchased your roses are red minky diaper. It is wonderful. First off it is very cute and soft. But most importantly it works great. I have a 3 month old exclusively breast fed baby, so blow outs have happened a lot, but this diaper has contained them all. She has used it during the day and at night with no problems. I love how her skin stays dry even after wearing it all night long. She wore it to a family event the other day and everyone raved on how cute it was. Thank you very much and I will be ordering more :)" ~Shelley S

"Normally I don't get around to writing customer reviews, but I just had to tell you how much I love this diaper. I am new to cloth diapering and ordered a sample pack a couple of weeks ago to try several different diapers. They are all more expensive than the Simply Cloth diapers, but I love SC so much more than the other brands (gdiaper, BG, Thirsties, Smartipants to name a few). The Simply Cloth diaper is so soft and easy to stuff, and are cute to boot. I also love that they come with two inserts. I bought the diapers to go on my 3 week old, but I convinced my 2 1/2 yo to try them and she will not wear anything else! I love that they fit both my girls. My 2yo even wore one with both inserts all night and it didn't leak. Her bum is also not red anymore (usually a tiny bit of redness here and there). She loves to choose the next one to wear. The diapers also have not leaked once with my newborn bf baby's poop. Thanks for making a great product at a fabulous price." ~Alisa S.

"I found your site by surfing the web for cloth diapers. I purchased gingersnap, the purple hearts, and winnie the pooh. I love them!! My baby girl has worn them several times and we have had no leaks ( using only one insert). Thank you for offering these diapers they are great!! I will certainly buy more." ~Kristi

" I just got my first two simply cloth diapers in the other day and I had to try them ASAP. The first night my daughter wore her diaper for 10 plus hours and to my amazment she had a dry bottom and p.j's in the morning (she sleeps 10-12 hours)!!! She also has major blow outs in the morning and simply cloth diapers were able to hold it ...all in (disposals can't even do that)." ~Corina H.

"I have been using gDiapers for the past year (as well as a few other cloth diaper methods) and have had nothing but disapointments....but I continued to press on and use them anyways. Until i started to find a cold shivering baby in the morning, and that's when I knew enough was enough. I wanted so badly to believe in cloth diapers but it broke my heart to see a wet cold baby. Simply put...Simply cloth diapers are amazing! I have been using them for only two days and I want a closet full! I love that I will no longer have to be chained to the washer due to diaper changed every 45 minutes! Simply cloth diapers are going to allow me to achieve my inital cloth diaper goals, which are to be a good stewerd of our finances and this beautiful world the Lord has given us!!! Thanks SO much Katie for providing a wonderful product and a genuin concern for parnets and their little loved ones! Blessing to you and your business, Corina <><

" I love simply cloth diapers. The inside of the diapers are so soft and I feel so much better knowing that is what is against my sons skin. These diapers look and feel like they are so much more comfortable then scratchy plastic disposable diapers. The diapers are super absorbent. My son sleeps 10 hours thru the night and I know when h...e wakes up he wont have any leaks and his bottom will be dry. The colors and patterns are so cute! The minky is so soft! They are my favorite because they feel so luxurious! These diapers are so well made. The reasonable price does not mean they are cheaply made, it means you are getting a great deal on a great diaper. I would recommend these diaper to anyone. The customer sevice I recieved from Katie was amazing! If I emailed her a question she got back to me the same day. My order went out earlier then quoted. You cant find customer service this good anywhere else! The soft baby cheeks flannel wipes that were included with my order I dont care for. They are too thin and small. I think they should be larger and have two layers of material so they are more absorbent. They are just too small and thin to get the job done well. I perfer to use wash cloths over these wipes." ~Brittany L.

" Wow! I am super impressed with the value and ingenious design of these diapers! My baby is long and lean (50th percentile in height but less than 5th percentile in weight), and the small size Fuzzi bunz are huge on him. These Simply Cloth diapers are not only adorable with the prints and soft minky fabric, they are awesome with the snap locations that allow the size to really be changed! What a great bargain!! With the second insert, I figure I am saving at least $10 per diaper. Also, the shipping speed was outta this world. Thank you so much! Will be ordering more this week." ~Susan N.

" We ordered the begginers luck set on Sunday. Today, went out to get the mail and there they were three days later. So surpised, expecting a week or two. Love the desines that were chosen for me. We're expecting in June and intend on stocking up on these. Know someone else who is due in spring and will ask if she's going to use cloth (probably, since more health consiance then I) and show these to here. Love the fact there practicaly birth to potty, they grow as they do. So glad found out about them on What To Expect website were moms raved about them. Thanks for great items and your passion behind it." ~Michelle V.

" I've been cloth diapering since my little guy was born, and Katie's diapers are, BY FAR, the best, cutest, softest,driest, I've used. I prefer them over diapers costing over twice as much! I almost didn't want him to poop in them, they are so cute! It is amazing that the insert(s) can come out soaking wet and the little bottom is so dry. I used to have to resort to using a disposable at night, but not anymore! I especially want to say 'Thank You' to Katie who is working so hard but still makes each transaction feel like hearing from your best friend. I cant wait to place my next order! Beginning to have a little addiction here!...(Can I add some more stars to my review?)" ~Robin R.

" My review so far: Today is our first day with these diapers and I'm already in love with them. One thing I noticed is FEWER diaper changes, I changed my 20 month old from a disposable to his new cloth diaper at around 9:30 am and 5 hours later, YES 5, and after 16 or more ounces of liquids and just ONE INSERT...NO LEAKS and his bottom was still DRY!!!! I decided to use a simply cloth diaper with an insert from another brand for my 3 month old ( to have something to compare it to b/c this is my first time) and after 3 hours my boy woke up wet. The pee went through the diaper and his clothes (my poor baby). So far I LOVE these diapers and I can't wait to order my jungle prints (hehe!)~Ingrid E.

"I was new to cloth diapers when you found me! I had already ordered from 2 other work at home moms first, your diapers came in the mail a whole week before the other 2 ever arrived and the other diapers I ordered leaked within 10 minutes. These diapers NEVER leak, my son can sleep in them all night and there's no leaks ever. I was pretty nervous about having to change a poopy cloth diaper but I LOVE that the diaper absorbs all the poop up and there's not as much of a mess on him or to clean out of the diaper.. Hands down my FAVORITE I will never buy diapers from anyone else!!" ~-Angela B.

"Great diapers!! Easy to very much like disposables. Great for the a mom new to cloth diapering!!! Very quick ordering process too!" ~Allison E.

"Awesome product and amazing customer service! We love these diapers, we actually prefer them over our BumGenius 4.0's!" ~ Amanda V.

" We are loving our new CD's. I couldn't believe how quickly they were shipped to our house. Our son looks adorable, and they have never leaked! We get so many compliments and questions about them. Can't wait to order more." ~Callie M

"I love how soft they are!" ~Heather N.


"Kudos to you! My 3y/o loves her new "comfy pull-ups". She's worn them 2 nights...soaked them w/o a bit of leakage! Impressive!" ~Elizabeth Y.

"I just love the diapers I bought from you. They are cute, easy to use, and they saved us a ton of money! Look forward to doing business with you again! I'm telling everyone about them!" ~Sasha J.

"I recieved your diapers last week and I love them. They are so soft, adorable, and absorbent. I can't wait to order some more. I love the animal print ones ... I think they will be my next purchase." ~Jodi G.

"Got our diapers today, and it's safe to say your store is my new favorite! I'm pretty sure I'm going to become addicted to your diapers!!!"~Caitlin N.

"Love these they are so soft and light!" ~Tracy T.

"Mercy is already begging to go to Chick-fil-A! ;-) Love this diaper! (Mercy is almost 8 weeks old and I'm sure around 10lbs 8+oz)" ~Elizabeth Y.

"We purchased these diapers on Friday and they were here by the following Friday morning! Each diaper was individually wrapped and came with washing instructions, which was very helpful. We double stuffed the diaper on the first night and after close to 14 hours of sleep our son's bottom was almost completely dry. These diapers are so easy to use(dad and grandma approved them!) and not to mention super cute!" Caitlin N.

"I have a 6 month old baby girl and after much heartache with disposable diapers I decided to try cloth. Originally, I bought the Sunbaby diapers off of ebay just to try cloth diapering. They are super cheap so I figured I wouldn't be loosing out any money if they didn't work. They work pretty well but there are a few things I would change. And, they aren't a good night time diaper because they leak. With the Sunbaby diapers there have been occasions where she was COMPLETELY soaked in the morning and I had started contemplating only using them for day time diapers. My sister-in-law actually found your site first. It was recommended to her. I ordered two of the Minky fabric diapers - a purple one with white stars and a white one with all kinds of hearts. My first impression of the diapers is that they were MUCH, MUCH nicer than the Sunbaby ones and I originally thought the Sunbaby diapers were nice. When looking at the Minky diapers vs. the Sunbaby diapers I explained it like this 'It's like buying your underwear at Victoria Secret rather than KMart' (hehe). After I washed them up I decided to try them out at night time. I put the new diaper on her just before she went to sleep around 9:30. You'll not believe what happened next - I FELL ASLEEP. You might be thinking "big deal". Well, we didn't wake up until about 6/7 the next morning and I can guarantee you that if she had a Sunbaby diaper on she would have been SOAKED and it really would have been a big deal. That morning, I woke up abruptly and quickly remembered that she had a cloth diaper on. I started to worry. I was thinking there was NO WAY a CLOTH diaper was not going to leak over a period of 9/10 hours. I scooped her right up and got her clothes off. I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED to find that after about 10 hours there was only a little wetness around the leg part. And... what really shocked me was that her bottom was NOT red and mostly dry. The liner on the diaper had whisked most of the moisture away from her bottom and left only the liners soaked. And, believe me, they were SOAKED! This instance has NEVER happened before! I felt terrible to think she was in one diaper for that long but I was thankful that she wasn't soaked at all. This is our normal routine - she falls asleep somewhere between 8-9pm. I usually put her in a new diaper before I put her down and then change her diaper again after I dream-feed her around midnight. She wakes up anywhere between 5-7am so about 5/6 hours in one Sunbaby diaper at night time is sometimes stretching it but works most of the time. That said, you can imagine my surprise after a night like we had. Since that night we've had ZERO leaks and it's been so nice because I've actually been able to be a little flexible with my night-time-diaper-changing-routine because I don't have to worry at all!. Thank you so much for providing a great diaper at an affordable price. I will definitely be buying more in the near future!" ~Brandalyn B.

"OMGsh i just got the diapers and they are SO cute. can't wait for my son to wake up so i can put them on him!!" ~Angela B.

"I haven't purchased a diaper I don't have anything to review. But I LOVE your video on your site explaining how to use the diaper and about the cloth wipes. I am soo having trouble with the disposable wipes and wanting to switch over to cloth as soon as I can afford it! :) Thanks for the info!" ~Amy W.

" I love the customer service that Katie delivers, she is so eager to answer any questions that you have. The Diapers are awesome and always arrive right on time !!!" ~Nicole M.

" I absolutly LOVE these diapers!! Even my hubby likes them, amazing I know. I love how absorbant they are and all the cute prints you can get. I am definetly getting some of the new prints, just have to wait till after Black Friday, lol." ~Heather N.

" LOVE the cute prints and can't wait to save a little more in my paypal to buy even more! ;) Fast communication too - love that." ~Stephanie T.

"It's as easy as a disposable. Baby's bottom stays very dry even from overnight. They're great. I didn't think cloth was this easy. I could have been saving $$$ this whole time. Love the minky too.. so soft and cuddly." ~Gracie M.

"Ok, I've only had mine for a day, but I really wanted to leave a comment. As a mom who gave up on cloth diapering within a few months of having my first daughter, can I just say, WOW? These are super absorbent, and the moisture does not stay on baby's bum at all. I was so surprised! The reason I gave up on CD's was because the ones I had were SO WET all the time. I only used one insert with JustSimplyBaby and I it was perfect for my 2 month old. Thanks and I can't wait to buy more!" ~Cailey M

"I just got my first ever cloth diapers in the mail from you!!!! They came so fast, and the quality looks amazing! I need to get them all prepped for use but I can't wait to have my baby trying them out! I'll post a pic when he wears them for the first time!" ~Heather H.


"You have the fastest shipping ever!. Got my Rockin' Green today and I'm using it for the first time right now! :)" ~Brooke H.


"So i tried using one of the diapers i bought before you found me today and even put an insert in it and it still leaked in 10 minutes! lol i'm glad you showed me your site :)" ~Angela B.


"Loving how quickly (the next day) I get my diapers!! Thanks!" ~Elizabeth K.

"It's as easy as a disposable. Baby's bottom stays very dry even from overnight. They're great. I didn't think cloth was this easy. I could have been saving $$$ this whole time. Love the minky too.. so soft and cuddly."- Gracie M.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE these diapers!! Have only been using cloth for about a month and the transition was SO EASY. I have even convinced a few of my friends to try them. They are GREAT for over night too. I have a heavy wetter and 12hrs is no problem for these diapers. :) -Elizabeth K.

"These diapers are AWESOME! I love pocket diapers because I can adjust the absorbency. These come adorable prints that require NO cover which is even better! Shipping is SUPER fast. I order in the morning and my order is in my mailbox the next day! I love JustSimplyBaby and would recommend them for anyone who is looking to test drive cloth diapering or someone wishing to cloth diaper on a budget!"- Alicia H.

"When I looked into cloth diapers when my daughter was around 6 months it was so confusing!!! But with these they are so easy to use!!! I love them!!! My 2 y/o who still wears a pull up to bed is wearing her first one tonight and was so excited to wear hers tonight! -Susann K.

"I just got my cloth diapers yesterday and today is our first day using them and WE LOVE THEM!! THey are soo easy and keep my baby girl super dry which I like!!! I cant wait to get my supply up and showing my friends cause as soon as they see how easy these are they will switch!! When my mom saw them fist thing she said was were are the pins I said no pins mom and now she even loves changing her diaper!!"- Kristen B.


"Love these diapers!! Super soft, baby's bum stays nice and dry and the inserts are extra absorbent. Plus the shipping was super fast and if you even have any issue or questions you usually have an answer the same day, just hours. I highly recommend to all, and have to many. =)"- Maura S.

"Adorable prints, so easy to use, love the softness of the minky diaper, blown away by the quality you get for your $$$ 2 for my daughter to try out and as soon as i gave them the green light my mum ordered me five more....wish i had these for my first baby girl!"- Anne B.

"After a little bit of trial and error to see what works for her and my grandson, my daughter has come to love these diapers more than any sane person should. His little bum can breathe and stay dry, and they're still waterproof to boot. He's quite the drinker so she has to change a bit more often but her investment in cloth has already paid off in more ways than money. Thanks for a grand product! // signed: one happy Grankey. - Janet C.

"I was very unsure about using cloth and wasnt sure if I wanted to "waste" money in getting them at first since my sons daycare wont do cloth at all, regardless of how easy they may be. BUT I found simply cloth diapers and thought the price was to good to be true. I went ahead and got them and im so addicted. My sons full time cloth diapered when he's not at day care. Not only are they super cute but they keep his little bottom completely dry and are so soft! I think im going to be sad now when he's out of diapers. Also shipping was crazy fast and might I add im military stationed in S. Korea. - Alexis S.

" I have been cloth diapering my daughters for over a year now. At first I used prefolds and covers and then gradually moved to the pocket style diaper that I made myself. I never used my cloth at night because they just did not have the absorbancy I needed.With the arrivial of my 3rd daughter I found I no longer had time to sew and she... was growing out of the sized diapers faster than I could make them. I found these diapers and ordered a couple just to try and love them. These diapers never make it to the stash because they get used right out of the wash. They are super cute and actually fit my youngest daughter. I was having a problem getting diapers to fit around her chuncky tummy and skinny legs. I personally will be ordering more for all my daughters and hopefully we can get them in cloth even at night." -Karie P.

I first discovered cloth when my oldest was two and I had 4 month old twins. Yes, I switched them all to cloth. I used mostly sized Fuzzi Bunz back before they came with inserts. I had to stuff them with a prefold. I also had Bumkins, Bummis wraps over prefolds, and a few WAHM made diapers. I sold them all on eBay when we were done. Then six years after the twins were born, I had another baby and I looked into cloth again. I wanted to see what was new. When I found BumGenius I thought they were worth their weight in gold. But I had the older 2.0's and they leaked at the belly really bad. I sank so much money into my new stash which also included several well known and loved brands. I couldn't justify getting anymore. I had to make do with what I had. I thought baby #4 was the caboose, but God surprised us with another bundle of joy that made his entrance to our family three months ago. I still had all those diapers I hated so I sold them on craigslist and began my search for a new diaper. I have no idea how I found this website now. I don't remember what I was searching for that brought you into my search results, but I am so glad I found you! Your diapers have the features I love. These include the stay dry fleece lining, pocket style, one size, trim fit, absorbent inserts (and I get 2 big ones!! such a bonus!!), a great fit, snap closure, and super cute prints. I get all this at almost half the price of the competitor's diapers. "My momma didn't raise no fool!" Guess which diaper I'm buying? This diaper fits my three year old (who wears a size 4!!) who is potty trained but needs a night diaper, and my three month old. Thank you!! I'm your new biggest fan. Also, My three year old sleeps 12 hours in your diaper (with both inserts) and has no leaks. I should mention he drinks a big 8oz cup of milk every night before bed. NO LEAKS!! And he wakes up with dry skin because of the fleece liner. Thank you for such a great diaper that can really be a night diaper. ~ Christy E.